Freeze warning issued overnight Tuesday until Wednesday morning - | Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas

Freeze warning issued overnight Tuesday until Wednesday morning

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Freeze warnings are posted for most of East Texas at this time. A few counties in deep East Texas are under a freeze watch. These watches and/or warnings will not be in effect for tonight, they are in effect for tomorrow night!

As the Canadian air mass pushes into East Texas tomorrow morning, temperatures will drop very quickly as the north and northeast winds continue to blow. It would not surprise me to have temperatures in the lower 40s by tomorrow afternoon over portions of East Texas and have wind chills in the lower 30s to go along with it.

Once the winds settle down tomorrow night and the skies clear, the temperatures will fall very quickly into the 30s and even into the upper 20s over most of the northern sections of East Texas. I also think there is a possibility that lows on Wednesday morning could fall into the middle 20s over the NW sections of East Texas and that may need to have a hard freeze warning issued- we will see.

Tomorrow night as well as Thursday morning, it would be a very good idea to bring in the tender vegetation or at least cover it as these temperatures will harm those plants.

Please be ready for tomorrow afternoon. Winds will be very gusty from the northeast and temperatures should be well into the 40s. Have the kids ready for a major change in temperatures as they head off to school in the morning. Winter coats may not be a bad idea.

Stay tuned.

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