Huntington ISD honors veterans with USO show

HUNTINGTON, TX (KTRE) - For the last 18 years,Huntington Independent School District has been honoring veterans with theirannual Veterans Day program.

This year the districtdecided to do something a little different, so they decided to put on their ownversion of the USO show made popular by bob hope and other celebrities.

They hoped it would honor themen and women that have served our country.

"It brings back thememories that people have experienced over the years, Huntington resident andAir Force Veteran David Gordon said."

Gordon has served in threedifferent conflicts but has also brought enjoyment to troops around the worldwith his unique bird call.

"I've preformed in England,Madrid, Spain, Las Vegas, Nevada, Darwin, Australia and Japan, Gordon said."

Dorsey Walker is a WWIIand marine veteran and can't remember the names of the entertainers he sawwhile serving in Hawaii, but does remember one thing.

"I remember the prettygirls," Walker said.

The day was also there to remember thetragedies of war that have affected lifelong Huntington residents. For Walkerand many WWII veterans, Pearl Harbor was the catalyst that started theirmilitary career.

"We were on theschool bus coming from Ora into Huntington and the bus driver told us whathappened, Walker said."

"It was a sad day foreverybody," WWII veteran Dale Russel said. "We heard it over the radio.Everything changed from that day on."

The veterans say that the thing they willremember most from today as the love shown by so many of the youngergenerations.

The district said this year's event was oneof the biggest years yet, with 147 veterans attending.

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