Angelina Beautiful Clean preparing for America Recycles Day

HUNTINGTON, TX (KTRE) - November 15 is America recycles day andAngelina Beautiful Clean is getting ready.

The group wants to remindcitizens of their alley cat recycle trailer that tours the county giving residentswith no curb, side pick-up options the ability to recycle their goods.

"We don't have a lotof opportunities like a larger city will have with curb side pickup, so this issomething we are trying to teach all of our kids. It's not only to recycleeverything that we can, but to clean up our community at the same time," saidPam Hooton with Keep Huntington Beautiful.

The Alley Cat RecyclingTrailer will be in Huntington the first Monday of every month in front of the MiddleSchool. It will be in Zavalla starting the second Monday of the month, behindthe high school. The trailer will then move to Diboll on the third Monday ofthe month, and will be located on the North side of the middle school. It willmove to Central on the fourth Monday of the month, located in front of the HighSchool. The trailer will finish up each month on the fourth Wednesday in Hudson,near the middle school.

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