Diboll students get a lesson in parenting using baby simulator

DIBOLL, TX (KTRE) - East Texas students are stepping into the parenting role earlier than expected.

"Oh Lord I don't want children it's so hard to handle," said Jazlynn Mark.

Child development students at Diboll High School are getting a little taste of parenthood.

From feeding to burping and diaper changes, these students are responsible for the welfare of their baby simulator.

Each baby has a computer inside and comes with a censor to make sure it is being taken care of.

"Their diapers have a censor the bottles have a censor and even their clothing has a censor and it monitors everything the baby does," said Jennifer Garcia, Family Consumer Science Teacher.

During their time with the child students are juggling school work, athletic events, their jobs and social life.

Senior Christina Serratos says she took off a week from work to take care of her baby and still struggled to find balance.

"I think whenever I am busy in class and it just starts crying out of nowhere and I'm trying to figure out what's wrong with it," said Serratos.

Sophomore Jazlynn Mark says before starting the class she wanted five kids but says after a few days with baby Bryson she's having second thoughts.

"It wouldn't go back to sleep I didn't know what it wanted, just wanted to be held," said Mark.

Mark says her experience has given her a little insight on what life is like for teen parents.

"I feel bad for them like if they don't have anyone to help them through it I just feel really bad," said Mark.

A lesson faculty hopes will show just students just how much they can handle.

"Hopefully they learn that maybe they're not quite ready to have babies yet as teenagers that would be a positive outcome but also for them to learn how much work goes into having a baby," said Garcia.

Students also have to complete three journal entries each day and they are graded on how well they took care of their baby and they hope the lessons they learn now will prepare them for the true test of parenting.

Students are required to log any time they have to take care of the baby, the students are averaging about 130 logs per project.

The parenting project will conclude in January at the end of the semester.

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