Six Angelina Co. children adopted, staying with family

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - As national adoption day wrapped up in Angelina County on Tuesday six children were adopted by five different families.  It was a happy moment for families and their now legal children.

"More than 6,647 children in Texas are waiting for permanent families," said Lufkin Mayor Bob Brown.

In Angelina County 12 children are still waiting to be adopted.

Judge Derek Flournoy opened his court doors on national adoption day to finalize the adoptions of six children.

"We see these kids and we see these families that we deal with that have drug addictions, and mental health problems, and all kinds of issues that may be the primary reason that these children are not with their biological parents," Flournoy said.

A grandmother adopted her granddaughter Tuesday and a set of grandparents is now the legal parents of their grandson.

But they're not the only children that will continue to be with their family.

"It's the end of one journey but the beginning of the next," Jessica Henderson said. "So, it's just an exciting day to finalize Lane's adoption and just to make it official that he is now a Henderson."

The Henderson's adopted both of Lane's older sisters many years ago but Tuesday was the day his sisters have been waiting for all year.

"As Lexie just kept saying in there to me he's finally a Henderson. He's finally a Henderson. It's just the warmest feeling in the world to know your family is complete," Henderson said.

The Birdwell siblings also have a loving family to call their own.

"The girls are so much a part of our family and their brothers look after them, and they're just wonderful mentors," Wendy Birdwell said.

The Birdwells have three sons of their own and have been foster parents to two little girls for the past three years.

"To adopt them is what we wanted," Birdwell said. "They are very bonded and they look out for each other."

The families sitting in the courtroom Tuesday said they all shared the same warmth and excitement about adoption.

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