Nacogdoches Co. ministry loses hundreds worth of food after burglary

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Souls Harbor Ranch promotes goodness. Sometimes evil interferes.

"And then I walked over here cause I saw the door open and I saw a couple of packages of hamburger meat laying on the floor," said Carl Partin, the owner and director of Souls Harbor Ranch.
It's the only food Partin found after someone stole two months of groceries.

"We had about 150 pounds of ground hamburger meat and 35 pounds of turkeys and they took about half my frozen chickens there," Partin said.

In addition, another freezer and a pantry were emptied.

"Somebody urinated in our ice machine," Partin said.

A disgusting act that Partin finds a lesson for students trying to better their lives.

"What we want to do is pray for those people, remembering that we are no better than them," Partin said.

Some of the young men who come Souls Harbor Ranch have committed burglaries to support their addiction.

As 23-year-old Matthew Teylor sands the crosses Souls Harbor makes to support the free treatment center, he thinks about a lifestyle he's had since age ten.

Teylor's teen years were influenced by gangs and drugs, while 19-year-old Daylon Korry leaves his teens in his sixth treatment center to end a prescription drug addiction. The center's burglary gets them to thinking.   

"This place is to help people and stuff and it's kinda sad that they do that stuff to a place like this," Korry said.

"I feel sad about it a little, but I forgive the people and hope it was a lesson to them as much as it was to us," he said.

The thoughts provide purpose for Tammy Partin. The registered nurse established Souls Harbor following the murder of her best friend, Stephanie Fowler Presley, in 2009. Presley was shot and her body dumped by her estranged husband, John Presley.

"If we had been capable of helping him at that time with his addictions that what took place might not have taken place," Partin said.

Redirecting lives is important. It was for the Partin's son-in-law, a graduate of Souls Harbor and now a staff leader.

"Whoever done this, you know,  they struggling and that's what this place is for, for people who are struggling who need that hope and that's what offer here," Carlis Colon said.

And no stolen groceries will stop the mission.

"We're compelled by the love of God to do this and regardless of the bumps in the road," Partin said. "We can't stop."

The Nacogdoches County Sheriff's Office has a lead on the Soul Harbor Ranch burglary, but so far no arrests have been made.

To donate to the cause, contact Tammy Partin at 936-326-9850.

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