Dunbar Primary 2nd graders learn the importance of recycling

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Dunbar Primary second graders are using their feet to keep the planet clean

It's part of the curriculum at the school to teach the importance of recycling and the students have fun while doing it.

Each class has their own recycling themed T-shirts and all do their part to help the environment by recycling everything from paper, to pop tabs, aluminum cans, plastic bags, ink cartridges and even juice boxes

Dunbar educator, Pat Close said, "Part of the second grade curriculum is to teach the children environmental issues and our big environmental issue especially here in Lufkin is to keep liter to keep trash out of the landfill and teach them which items are recyclable so the kids are really involved in all these programs and these are things that children can do to help the environment."

Each class sends their recycling off to the appropriate processing center and uses the money to purchase things for the classroom and school.

Second grader Madison Greak and her dad came up with a unique way to add a new recycling program to the school.

Greak is recycling dried out markers at school.

There are decorated boxes placed throughout the hallways for students to drop of their used markers.

When the boxes are full they're shipped off and made into diesel fuel that can power vehicles, heat homes and even cook meals.

"This is a box full of markers instead of throwing markers away we can turn them into diesel we bring them to this Crayola place and then they have this big machine and that's how they make diesel," said Greak.

Dunbar's goal is to collect about 7,500 markers that many recycled markers can be turned into about 24 gallons of diesel  which can fuel a car for about a week.

If you have markers to contribute to the project you can drop them off at Dunbar primary on martin luther king boulevard.

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