East Texas fiction author paving a new path with Christian literature

CROCKETT, TX (KTRE) - A new East Texas author is diving deep into the world of angels and demons, but witches? Now, that's a whole new ball game for Christian literature.

Shelton Springs is a perfectly crafted East Texas town—a fictional town—shrouded with the menacing promise that something evil is afoot and it is that evil that was concocted inside the mind of Crockett author Amy Sanders in her book "The Death Shroud."

"A lot of people who don't have a Christian basis, I think are drawn to those things because they are fascinating. The things that you can't see…it's just kind of magical," Sanders said.

In fact, the things that go bump in the night are usually overlooked in church, but for Sanders, who grew up in a Charismatic Christian household, a form of Christianity that emphasizes on the Holy Spirit, spiritual gifts and miracles, the idea of angels and demons is interesting.

"Of course, in the Bible a lot of the stories I already knew because they were the ones interesting me so much about the angels and demons and things. I had to research the Canaanite Gods and also the Wiccan information," Sanders said.

The "Death Shroud" follows Abigail Matthews—an East Texan woman who starts to realize that something is not right once a Wiccan coven rolls into town. As Abigail and her friends began to research the coven they get caught up in the disappearance of a young woman and Abigail comes face-to-face with the mysterious and supernatural obstacles she has to face to save her best friend.

Even though she says she is a writer at heart, Sanders didn't always plan on writing a novel.

"I ended up getting a degree in Spanish from SFA and just doing nothing with it so writing was just easy for me and eventually it was just something that flowed out of me and the idea was there and so I just started writing," Sanders said.

And the "Death Shroud," was born. The book was published on November 5 and while a lot of new authors generally self-publish their first work, Sanders said she wanted to go the traditional route.

"I have actually entered into a contract with the publisher Creation House. They published the whole book—their name is on it. They have their copies that they promote to the larger places like Amazon and then I have my copies that I sell at places like Creation Words and Works in Lufkin—they carry it and that kind of thing. I do it locally," Sanders said.

The co-publishing deal has also broadened the bank lending assistant's horizons as a writer…something she hopes to do full time. In fact, the "Death Shroud," is only book one in an indefinite series. Sanders says she has already begun on the second book and is looking toward publication in the spring.

But the "Death Shroud" has definitely helped her explore her imagination as a Christian suspense writer, Sanders said.

"I want to maintain that excitement—I hope I have. But the difference is I use Jesus Christ a lot. There's a lot of Christian writers who use symbolism to tell the story and that it just not something for me that flows well for me," Sanders said. "I'm just kind of out there and that's something that's different even though it is suspense. There are creepy parts and things like that, but it is very much a Jesus book."

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