Corrigan captures first perfect regular season

CORRIGAN, TX (KTRE) - Corrigan has captured two state titles in football, but this years team has done something no one else has ever done. Go a perfect 10 and 0 during the regular season.

"It feels great, sounds great, looks great," Cody Rogers says. Haden Armstrong added,"We hadn't quite taken a grasp of it yet but it was a gift to the team and a good motivation to go into the playoffs at 10 and 0." Carlos Inguanzo said, "It feels good, its like the family thing we always say, we get together, we put our heads together and we do things right." And Keegan Mitchell finished by saying, "It means a lot to me to know we will be remembered for something special like that."

Going undefeated while outscoring their opponents by nearly 300 points has the Bulldogs feeling good. But they realize going into the post-season over confident and cocky isn't wise.

"We have a lot of confidence but we cant let that get to our heads. We are about to start playing some good teams in the playoffs," said Inguanzo. Mitchell added, "Right now it is 0 and 0 to me kind of because 10 and 0 isn't going to effect us going into the playoffs because you lose, you are out."

Corrigan wont be out anytime soon though if it continues to run the football like it has all season. With a stable of backs and a talented offensive line, opponents are often outmatched. Armstrong says, "It's a train coming through because we have big guys coming at you and fast people going out wide." Mitchell added, "It's not all just the backfield, its a majority of the line, they get up there and drive people back and that's the way we get three and four every time."

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