Couple spending their vacation painting Christmas scenes on Lufkin thrift store's windows

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - An East Texas couple has stepped up to make sure victims of violence and sexual assault have a festive Christmas this year.

They have volunteered to hand-paint Christmas pictures on a thrift store window that benefits these victims. The couple hopes to bring a little joy to these East Texas families.

Whether it is made by the stroke of a paint brush or a simple blob technique, Jason West said there's no theme for his holiday window paintings.

"I'm just painting whatever I feel," Jason West said.

Although he says he's no artist, Jason West is creating a visual for everyone to see when they shop at the Family Crisis Center Thrift Store in Lufkin.

The proceeds from the store are used to help clients who have been abused or sexual assaulted in East Texas.

"The clients would be very excited about it," Jaime West said. "A lot of times, they don't get to experience Christmas the way you and I experience Christmas or other people. So, when they do come into the thrift store, usually, they're in need. To see the Christmas cheer and excitement kind of helps them."

Each year, someone has volunteered to paint something on the thrift store's windows for the holiday, but shoppers say never have the windows been this detailed.

"When we first pulled up we saw it," Janise Davis said. "It's really pretty. Wish I could paint like that."

Jaime West and her husband are on vacation this week but have decided to spend their time here instead.

"We don't usually have the same days off together so we decided to come together on our vacation, and we're spending a lot of time working on the windows," Jaime West said.

Jason West says he volunteered to do this for one main reason.

"Just to help the kids out basically so they can see something when they come in," Jason West said.

And so far, kids have really enjoyed looking at each window.

"It's pretty," Davis' granddaughter said.

"It brought us into the spirit, huh?" Davis asked.

"Mmm hmm," Davis' granddaughter said.

Jaime West said her husband has done all of the work, and she assisted with a snowflake here and there. Tonight, they will start working on the Nacogdoches thrift store windows.

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