Huntington students enjoy the vegetables of their labor

HUNTINGTON, TX (KTRE) - Two months ago, Huntington second-grade students embarked on a culinary journey and now it is time to cook.

The menu? A simple squash fritter.

"There's so many lessons to be learned," teacher Colleen Gullett said. "There's math, science, social skills. All kinds of skills come into play."

The students controlled everything from the planting to the harvesting.

"You're picking food for you to get healthy and strong," student Evan Vaughn said.

To the mixing. But they left the frying to the teachers.

Getting kids to eat vegetables is never an easy thing, but when they are this good, it's not hard.

"I had a feeling they would like it. I really did," Gullett said.

"It tasted kind of sweet," student Turner Sanders said.

No one turned down their masterpiece.

And when they were done they even had some leftovers that they were happy to share.

The group is not done. They will continue to pick food from their gardens. They are still waiting for the carrots and turnips to fully develop before picking them.

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