Hudson Fire crews pinpoint cause of overnight house fire

HUDSON, TX (KTRE) - An early Thursday morning fire that heavily damaged an Angelina County home is believed to have been caused by a heater, according to firefighters.

Around 12:14 a.m., a Hudson Volunteer Fire Department engine, tanker, and attack unit responded to 179 Sun Meadow Street, off Highway 103 West.

First responders said the fire spread through the attic of the single-story house and was likely sparked by the central heating unit.

A Hudson firefighter said water and smoke damage is present throughout the house.

The American Red Cross is now working with the family to locate a place to stay.

Tekisha Menefee and her daughter lyric spent Thursday morning resting at a neighbor's house after escaping a house fire just after midnight.

"Smoke was just bellowing out of the air vents and it freaked me out and I got out of the house as fast as we could," said Menefee.

Wednesday and Thursday marked the first time this fall that temperatures were at or below freezing.

"I turned the heater on because I wanted to get the chill out and probably not even five minutes later I was smelling the off the heater," said Menefee.

 Menefee says the heater is in the hallway right next to her daughter's room where most of the damage was.

 Assistant Fire Chief Smith says they are still investigating the fire but says the fire was likely started by the central heating unit.

"Got in the duct work and spread throughout part of the attic we were able to save the structure but there is extensive damage to the rest of the house," said Smith.

Fire officials say it's important to get your heaters checked before the beginning of each heating season.

"Make sure the safeties are working like they're supposed to, make sure your motor's oiled up and the heating units work like they're supposed to," said Smith.

Smith says during November and January is when they see an increased amount of heater related fires and everyone needs to stay cautious.

"Get your heaters checked out get your fireplaces cleared out and be careful of space heaters," said Smith.

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