Records show missing Jasper man facing federal charges

(Source: Annilia Wright-Mosley)
(Source: Annilia Wright-Mosley)
(Source: Annilia Wright-Mosley)
(Source: Annilia Wright-Mosley)
(Source: Annilia Wright-Mosley)
(Source: Annilia Wright-Mosley)

JASPER, TX (KTRE) - New details have emerged about a 28-year-old Jasper man who disappeared Thursday of last week near Hemphill despite no leads in regards to his whereabouts.

On Wednesday, records revealed that Alfred Wright has been charged with Theft, Embezzlement or Misapplication by bank employee in a Federal Indictment between the time periods of January 3, 2011 and January 26, 2011 in Memphis, Tennessee.

Other documents revealed Wright excused his presence during an October 30, 2012 court hearing that was scheduled in Memphis to address a potential scheduling conflict with his trial date. That date has since been moved to December 9, 2013.

The document says Wright was excused through his lawyer because he "lives in Jasper, Texas, which is roughly an eight-hour drive from Memphis, TN."

The details come four days after the Sabine County Sheriff's Department announced they will no longer continue the organized ground search for Wright, but will continue to search for Wright through other means.

While the paperwork does raise new questions as to whether or not this is a missing person's case, Wright's attorney Jack Irvine said Wright had maintained his innocence and despite a plea deal offered to him which had "a penalty that was not significant," he was preparing to go to trial.

"I can tell you from getting to know Alfred that he has lived an exemplary life. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from college. He's got a physical therapy degree. He's got three wonderful kids and a wonderful wife and I can tell you that his disappearance again, I can't imagine that it has anything to do with the allegations up here in Memphis," Irvine said.

Irvine said he spoke to Wright approximately three to five days before his disappearance and actually found out Wright was missing through the Internet.

"I'm concerned about him. I've gotten to know him. I like him a lot and he's missing and from what I've read on the Internet it sounds fairly serious," Irvine said.

Irvine said Wright was an employee of the Memphis bank at the time the charges were filed and he was attending the University of Tennessee for physical therapy. He said Wright has actively proclaimed his innocence in the defense.

KTRE reached out to Wright's family for a comment on the indictment charges and was told that they will no longer conduct media interviews because their lawyer have advised them not to.

Wright disappeared on November 7, 2013 after his car overheated and broke down at the CL&M liquor store on Highway 87, which is about 4 miles south of Hemphill. His family says Wright worked in Hemphill as a home healthcare physical therapist.

Jolea Ebarb, the District Manager for East Texas Home Health in Hemphill, confirmed Wright was a contracted employee for their company and would not say how long he had been working with them. She said she is "very concerned for his well being and hope things turn out OK."

On Monday, CL&M store clerk J.R. said she was outside smoking a cigarette when she watched Wright get out of his truck, put his cell phone in his pocket, and run towards the highway heading into town.

Alfred's mother, Rosalind Wright, said she received a cell phone call from her daughter-in-law about Alfred's truck breaking down. She said she was on the way to Hemphill from Jasper, which is approximately a 45-minute drive, when her son disappeared.

Annilia Wright-Mosley, Alfred's sister, says two days prior, Wright had been having car problems, as well.

"When his truck broke down two days before that with the alternator, he called my mom. He waited there by the truck and she came and he was able to go home. So, I don't know why in the world he would take off running or going somewhere towards town," Wright-Mosley said.

On Sunday, authorities discovered several of Wright's items in a pasture outside of town.

"[Authorities] told me they found his shirt, his scrub shirt…they went down a few more feet [and] they found his pants, keys, and he had a little silver metal deal that kept his I.D. and his credit cards in," Rosalind Wright said.

The pasture is located on Coussons Drive, which is a very dark road deep in the roads.

"It's bizarre. My son would never come down that dark road by himself…walking or running," Rosalind Wright said.

"First of all, I know my brother and to come down a road that's very eerie like this particular road—you would have to fight him to get him down this road," Wright-Mosley said.

A piece of clothing was also found on a barbed wire fence on the property.

Since the reveal of the federal charges, friends and family have taken to Facebook to continue to support the search for Wright. His family has been very active in proclaiming the type of man Wright is saying he is a "good, Christian man."

Wright graduated from Jasper High School in 2003 and went on to play football on a scholarship at Mary Hardin Baylor in 2004. He then transferred to the University of Tennessee to pursue a physical therapy degree. He and his wife Lauren have two sons. He also has a child from a previous relationship.

Wright is listed a black male, 5-foot-10 and 170 pounds. Maddox says that he believes Wright is wearing little to nothing. His family admits he might be wearing black UnderArmour. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Sheriff's Department at (409) 787-2266.

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