Group spreads acts of kindness to honor Lufkin boy

Jack Pigg
Jack Pigg

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A silent movement that started on social media this week has spread across East Texas. A Lufkin mother, who lost her son six years ago, decided to give back to others on the anniversary of his death. She started the "honoring Evan movement" by simply giving things away. Now, others are honoring Evan, too.

"Honoring Evan" is a trending topic on many facebook and instragram posts. Evan Bradford Wade weighed only a pound when he was born in 2007. Just seven months later, he suddenly died.

"She just decided that instead of sitting around and feeling sorry for herself she wanted people to get out and really do something to honor this tiny little life and to touch other people's lives," Tyler Pavlic said.

Evan's mother Jennifer has found different ways to cope with his death over the years. Little did she know that giving a barista a tip at Starbucks and paying for someone's drink would be shared with others.

"I didn't get food. I was like I'll go through there and just pay for the person behind and so that's what I did," Kim Ogden said.

Kim Ogden said she was browsing through her instagram and saw several East Texans posting picks to honor Evan. That's how she decided she wouldn't ask how much the bill was for the person in line behind her.

"I just gave them a little note saying hey pay it forward," Ogden said.

Jack Pigg, an eight-year-old, never met Evan, but he feels Evan would enjoy baseball as much as he does. So, he decided he will donate equipment to the grand slam giving charity.

"Now these kids might get a chance to play baseball," Pigg said.

Tyler Pavlic bought groceries and coffee for a few East Texans, but said she wanted them to be randomly chosen.

"My whole point was that I didn't want people to know who was doing it," Pavlic said. "I just wanted them to experience kindness for the day and maybe make somebody's day."

A Lufkin first grade teacher paid it forward by teaching her students the importance of loving their parents. Each of them wrote letters and drew pictures to show their parents how much they are appreciated.

And that's exactly what honoring Evan is all about; being kind to others.

East Texans said it's been amazing to see the different acts of kindness throughout the week, and how honoring Evan became more about helping others.

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