Crockett PD arrests man for allegedly slapping child for jumping on bed

Vicente Davila (Source: Houston County Jail)
Vicente Davila (Source: Houston County Jail)

CROCKETT, TX (KTRE) - Officers with he Crockett Police Department made a second arrest in injury to a child case Thursday nightafter it was discovered the suspect also physically hurt another of his children.

During a traffic stop for disregarding a stop sign Thursdaynight in the area of Clark and S. 10th street in Crockett, a policeofficer identified the driver as 24 year old Vicente Davila and learned he had an outstanding warrant injury to a child.

This was the second injury to a child charge for Davila.

According to Clayton Smith with Crockett Police, Davilaslapped one of his children in the face after the young boy was caught jumpingon the bed.

Officers arrested Davila on Sept. 26 forallegedly spanking his daughter hard enough to leave light bruises and slappingher in the face because she was unable to do her homework on Sept. 25.

According to the arrest affidavit, a Crockett PD officer wasdispatched to Crockett Early Childhood on Sept. 26 in reference to an injury toa child. The principal of the school told the officer that the little girl'steacher noticed a red mark on the right side of her student's face.

When the teacher asked the little girl what had happened to herface, the child told her that her father had hit her in the face and alsospanked her behind really hard two times. At that point, the school's staffcontacted the girl's mother.

The mother told officials that she got off work at about 8 p.m.the night before. After she got home, she told her husband (Davila) to help thelittle girl with her homework. At about 9:30 p.m. the mother left theirresidence to go work out at the gym.

The woman told authorities that she found her daughter asleep intheir bedroom and that she noticed the child breathing rapidly. She alsonoticed a red mark on her daughter's face.

When the mother asked Davila about the red mark, he allegedly toldher that he had spanked the girl twice because she wasn't able to do herhomework. According to the arrest affidavit, Davila told his wife the red markon their daughter's face was because she had rubbed her eye when she wascrying.

The next morning, the mother asked her daughter what had happened.She told authorities that her daughter told her that her father had spanked herreally hard on the behind and hit her face.

The mother and the child were taken to the Crockett PoliceDepartment, so further information could be obtained. A Child ProtectiveServices investigator was called in as well. The child recounted the same storyto the CPS worker. Photos were taken of the little girl's injuries, and the CPSinvestigator who examined the girl in her mother's presence said the child hadlight purple bruises on her buttocks.

Davila was brought in later that day to respond to theallegations, and he was arrested a short time later.

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