Garrison Squeaks by, looking for revenge in area round

GARRISON, TX (KTRE) - A perfect 10 and 0 regular season for the Garrison football team was almost wasted. But like they have all year, the eight ranked Bulldogs found a way to win their bi-district game over New Diana 17 to 14. Its a victory that head coach Craig Barker's team may just look back on in a few week's from now.

"We were messing around too much last week, we have to step up," Kade Hammer said. Michael Feaster added, "The main thing that we did that was so great is we stayed together as a team, no one was yelling or getting down on each other, we were just picking everyone up. Even when it was 5.6 seconds left and we had to win with a field goal, every one was calm ,relaxed, and just ready to play." Coach Barker added, "There has been a lot of stress that has come along with it. It definitely means something to them to be 10 and 0 and district champs and hopefully we can keep that going."

2010 was the last time Garrison went undefeated and it lost in the state semifinals. For the Bulldogs to reach that point or perhaps go further, they know the offense will need better execution. Hammer said, "We have to stay on blocks longer. And when we pulled we were going to slow." Barker added, "We just need to limit the mistakes, sustain some drives and keep our defense off the field a little bit more and give them a chance to rest a little more."

Area round foe Centerville is a familiar one. Garrison lost to the Tigers in this same game last season, 34 to 7. Feaster says, "We might have a little fire under us going in there you know, ready to show them we are not the same team from last year, we are better, bigger, faster, and stronger." Hammer finished by saying, "And now we get to go against a team that whooped us last year and put that revenge on them and send them home to play basketball."

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