Corrigan-Camden school district bands together to support injured principal

CORRIGAN, TX (KTRE) - After a successful back surgery, David Snyder, the assistant principal for the Corrigan-Camden High School is recovering nicely at a Houston hospital.

However, we have received word that Snyder might not ever walk again after he suffered a broken back and broken ribs when he fell from his tree stand while hunting over the weekend.

The Corrigan-Camden community says they are absolutely devastated about the news, but they are in good spirits and just can't wait to get Snyder home safe and sound.

"I was shocked. I didn't think that could happen. It was very shocking. I don't know what to say," said Donta Via Roberts, a junior at the high school.

"I think of him. I think of the personality he has. I think of his four children. I think of the passion that he had for his job and it makes me hurt, but at the same time I know that he can overcome this," said Sherry Hughes, the superintendent for Corrigan-Camden Independent School District.

The majority of the students found out about the accident this morning and Hughes says as soon as they found out the students began to write notes to Snyder to show their support.

"I knew once she told me that he was going to be OK that I was more worried about his family and how they were going to deal with it," said Bailey Wilson, a senior.

Math Teacher Ernest Provasek says Snyder loved to hunt.

"I kid him all the time about the small bucks that he's killed and he considers them trophies," said Provasek.

Provasek says the news is very sad, but at least he was doing something he enjoyed.

"Everybody seems to be in a kind of withdrawn mood…kind of processing what's happened and what's going to take place in the future and I think subdued is a very good word to describe that," said Provasek.

It's very slim if Snyder will ever walk again, Hughes says, but the Corrigan-Camden community says they are grateful Snyder is alive.

"It's tough—being that he is involved with the kids so much here at the high school and at the junior high…all campuses. It affects the community very hard," said Jonathon Wilson, the band director.

The school district is accepting donations for the Snyder family and all of those will be accepted at the business office at the district. You can call the business office at 936-398-2226.

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