Milagros Tea House & Gifts expands to new location in heart of downtown Lufkin

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Nestled in between the Pines Theater and Standpipe Coffee House in downtown Lufkin stands the newest location of Milagros Tea House & Gifts.

"We went to a trade show in Las Vegas this summer and spent a week learning about tea and we were really excited about all the loose leaf teas and the movement and industry and we loved the downtown area so we wanted to be a part of downtown Lufkin," said Mona Hill, the owner of Milagros Tea House & Gifts.

The original location, which offers full service dining, on Denman Avenue is still open to the public, but the new location called Milagros Tea & Gourmet to go offers gifts, loose leaf teas and gelato for those in a hurry.

"I think that we all work together. It's been so fun to meet all the other vendors and to really respect what they're doing and really feed off each other and complement each other," said Hill. "There was not an area downtown for the local people that worked here to get a sandwich or a salad or a piece of buttermilk pie or a scoop of gelato, which is what we really have a lot of business with," Hill said.

Scottie Nunn, the general manager for Milagros Gourmet & To Go says he and Hill spent a long time finding the best gelato to add to their menu.

"We proudly service Stefano's gelato. It is an Artisan gelato—100 percent all natural, no artificial ingredients. Gelato is the original Italian ice cream. It is 20 percent less sugar and 60 percent less fat. It's basically health food," Nunn said.

To get more information on what Milagros Gourmet & To Go offers call (936) 637-0809.

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