A group of Lufkin women resurrecting old church window glass

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Piece by piece and bead by bead, a group of East Texas women is re purposing glass that they have been attached to since the 70's. The windows at St. Cyprians church in Lufkin have been replaced and the women did not have a way to recycle the glass during that time. Some community members volunteered to re purpose the glass by making crosses, necklaces and ornaments.

Sentimental valuables come in different shapes and shards. This glass means a lot more to these women than just windows replaced at their church.

"The glass was in our sanctuary and we felt very emotionally attached. We've been married in that church, we've buried our loved ones in that church, we've had our children baptized here, and we attend every Sunday," Julie Zeagler said.

Julie Zeagler had the idea to cut and re purpose the glass as a way to fellowship with friends.

The project that started at a kitchen table hand crafting crosses has certainly grown.

"Slowly but surely our group kept growing, so we went in a matter of four weeks from about four women to now we have 45 women interested," Zeagler said.

The only professional artist in the room Jeanelle McCall said the best part about the "glass renewed" project is the joy of watching others craft.

"With just the slightest bit of encouragement there they are making just the most beautiful things," McCall said. "Just to see them sparkle has been a wonderful experience."

To add the final touches to the ornaments these women have brought in pieces from home.

"A lot of the women have taken their old necklaces and cut them a part," Zeagler said. "And they've even included their children's jewelry and beads."

It's a way for them to add some of their own memories to the crosses that they'll be selling to the community.

"I hope they realize that this piece is blessed, it's been made with love, it's got history and it's waiting for you to make your own history with it," McCall said.

The group said they began the re purposing project before Lufkin added glass recycling this month, and this is not about the funding but more about the fellowship. They are pleased to add their own unique way of re-using the glass in the community.

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