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Cleaning your chimney could mean saving your home

William Wood, the Cheaper Sweeper William Wood, the Cheaper Sweeper

Many of us have one, and it could burn down your house if you don't have it checked out - we're talking about your chimney.

It's not just an idea out of Mary Poppins. With colder weather on the way, we thought it was time to speak with a chimney sweep.

Bobby Skinner has lived in his house with his family for three years. Does he think about how dirty his chimney might be?

"I don't think about it, no," Bobby admitted.

Bobby's wife happened upon William Wood, the sweeper said.

Bobby has never had his chimney cleaned until now, so he took his wife's sweeping advice and had his chimney checked. As William suspected, it was sooty.

"The creosote that is in there or the soot that is in there is highly, highly flammable," William pointed out.

How often should you have your chimney cleaned?

"I'd get it looked at once a year before you go to burn, just to make sure. We don't charge anything to come out and look at your chimney, and no service calls, ever. Because we don't want your house to burn down. That's our main goal," William said.

He says your chimney should be cleaned after burning a cord of wood or so.

So, what was the weirdest thing he ever found in a chimney?

"A duck," he replied laughing.

William likes to think he can help you from having a blackened home.

Johnny Zackary with the Longview Fire Department says Longview averages about five chimney fires a year. He also said burning wood with a lot of resin in it, like pine, will cause a quicker build up of creosote.

You can contact the William Wood by calling him at 903-806-5027.

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