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Thousands of East Texas men buying dolls and toys for a good cause

TYLER, TX (KLTV) -We first introduced you to Jackie Adams, the single mom of five battling stage four breast cancer back in July, when a friend put together a softball tournament to raise money to help Jackie pay her medical bills.

"My tummy's rumbling around and wobbling around on the table and here they are doing an ultrasound on my breast and there's a huge lump in it," Jackie Adams described the moment she first saw her twins on an ultrasound while also being checked for cancer.

This week Jackie had to forfeit her treatment due to the high cost that her insurance does not cover.

Now, thousands of East Texans are determined to make sure this holiday season is full of cheer for Jackie and her children... by way of the man cave.

In the description it says, "where guys can go to sell and swap manly things…" So, it takes something special to see these guys buy Barbies and princess clothes.

"It's just a place that guys can go to kinda do the same thing, but with all the cool stuff," Michael Hancock, the page creator said.

The group is called "The Man Cave" of Smith County and it has more than 10,000 members. This holiday season the guys are giving up guns and electronics for toys and dolls and adopting Jackie and her kids.

"It's something that we could do to help; with her situation, we want her kids to have a good Christmas and let her have a Christmas as well," Hancock said.

The men have reacted positively to the idea—fifty comments on the Facebook page. One man offered his manual labor to do handy work and lawn care. Another is donating his services to clean and inspect Jackie's fireplace.

Jackie tells KLTV she didn't know how she was going to fill the space beneath the tree this year.

"Basically any extra money we have goes toward paying medical payments, and that kind of thing doesn't stop just because it's Christmas," she said. After hearing what the group was doing, she said,  "It answered a prayer to have someone volunteer to help us like that."

"Whatever we can do to help, so past Christmas, it can kind of take a load off of Jackie and let her family be taken care of for a little while," Hancock said.

Michael says it's Jackie's spirit and deep East Texas roots that make her story so special, special enough the make even the manliest guys buy Barbies.

The group says they are also doing a toy drive to benefit other local families as well as Jackie's and they plan to make this an annual event. You don't have to be a member of The Man Cave to donate. You can drop off your donation at two local stores or make a monetary donation online.

Drop off locations:

PureBody Nutrition

6747 S. Broadway Ave. Tyler

Landmark Credit Services

5220 Old Bullard Rd. Tyler

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