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Consumer research on Groupon companies a necessity


Groupon is very popular with consumers and can offer great deals, but the company's role is to bring you and the business together. It's still the consumer's job to fully research the company.

"My wife uses it a lot," Rick Jahns said.

Rick Jahns decided to give Groupon a try as well. He found a deal for Be Green Carpet Cleaning in Phoenix. The deal was for three rooms of 300 square feet each for $69. But Jahns says when Be Green arrived the deal started changing.

"He said he measured one room and it was 410 square feet and there would be a $60 charge because it was bigger than 300 square feet," Jahns said.

Jahns says the total of the three rooms was still under 900 square feet but the extra fee still applied. Jahns says there were other problems with the work too. Be Green workers knocked his closet doors off their hinges, didn't move items back to their proper place as promised and did a poor job removing dog urine stains off the carpet. Jahns went around with a black light after the treatment.

"And they were all still there and what was there is now much worse," Jahns said.

Jahns says when he saw the handwritten final bill, he was shocked to see it was for $827.

"All the time we were talking before, he never gave me a price on anything except that first $60 for a big room," Jahns said.

Jahns paid the bill but later called Be Green Carpet Cleaning to complain about the extra charges. Jahns didn't do any research on his own - he thought Groupon handled that. He's learned that extensive researching is not Groupon's job, it's the consumer's.

"They need to do that research and there are a lot of different places where you can find information about the people they do business with," Jahns said.

The owner of Be Green Carpet Cleaning told CBS 5 News that Jahns authorized all the extra services up front and the extra charges. He also says he has smartphone video showing Jahns was happy with the services provided on the day in question. Be Green Carpet Cleaning says they did as good a job as could be done on the dog urine stains.  Due to the misunderstanding the company owner gave our viewer a 50 percent refund - more than $400. CBS 5 News wishes to thank the owner of Be Green Carpet Cleaning for working with Jahns to bring this matter to a fair resolution.

If Jahns had done some research, he would have found that Be Green Carpet Cleaning has an "A" rating with the Phoenix-area Better Business Bureau. That's not always the case with Groupon companies, so don't forget this important step.

After Jahns file a complaint with Groupon, the company refunded to him the $69 he paid for the Be Green Carpet Cleaning deal.

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