Nacogdoches Co. officials hoping to repair muddy south Melrose roads

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - On a rainy day like Tuesday, some south Melrose residents stayed home by "choice." Others stayed home out of necessity. They're the residents who live in rural subdivisions where the roads are so muddy motorists take a chance of getting their vehicle stuck.

The wait for a solution takes a very long time.

Curtis Denny, a 30-year resident of the south Melrose area, said it's not worth the risk to attempt to travel on the roads there when the weather gets rainy and wet.

"If you get stuck in the track, you're stuck," Denny said.

Denny relies on his heavy-duty truck, but warns others who drive something less.

"I had to get down to this corner down here to mail my bills, but don't try to make it back up that road unless you got a truck," Denny said. "You won't be able to get back."

The private roads can't be touched by county equipment, at least for now.  On Tuesday, county leaders awarded a contract for future road improvements. Payment comes from a community development block grant Randy Blanks, the grant manager, explained.

"This project gives us the opportunity to get the base material delivered, installed and put in the culverts, the driveway culverts, to help with the roadway drainage," Blanks said. "And to give them the opportunity for the county to take these roads over for maintenance."

The funding is competitive, and it's dwindling as Congress makes program cuts.

"They are being challenged," Blanks said.

The disappointments explain Denny's wait-and-see attitude when he's told the roads he travels will be improved.

"Well, if I live to see it," Denny said. "My wife didn't live to see it, but I'm going to act with hope."

Drewery's Construction Company from Nacogdoches has been hired to make the improvements a company spokesperson says work should begin in late December.

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Copyright 2013 KTRE. All rights reserved.