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Terry Timms, a Hometown Hero

Terry Timms, a Hometown Hero Terry Timms, a Hometown Hero

At age 17 teenagers typically ask for a video game, a car - perhaps even a trip - but all Terry Timms wanted for his 17th birthday was his mother's signature.

"The day I turned 17 years old I signed up for the military. My mother had to sign for me to actually get in because I was too young at the time," Timms said.

Eager to follow in his father's footsteps, Timms enlisted in the United States Army in 1989. It wasn't long before he was called to Operation Desert Storm and met battle face to face.

"The guilt that I felt was awful. I just stayed in constant prayer that The Lord would take care of my baby," said Terry's mother Marla.

A scud missile hit one of the buildings while Timms was there, killing a few soldiers.

"You search the pictures to see if you can see him, just to see a glimpse of him," Marla said.

It just so happened that Timms left that same building just moments before the attack.

"Feelings go over and you just get weak in the knees and just so grateful," Marla said.

"The hardest part for me was knowing that my family was back at home not knowing about my well-being," Timms said.

A year later, Timms finally got to come home. That homecoming couldn't have been any happier.

"Oh my goodness, I know everyone in the whole airport at that time thought something was really really wrong because once I saw him I just started screaming and ran to him," Marla said.

"My mom has always been my greatest support," Timms said. "From birth to 41 years old now. She's always been my inspiration. I was never so glad to see my mother when I come back home to the states."

Even at age 41, a mother and son's bond has never been so strong.

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