What can parents learn from counselor's arrest?

After pouring through a 14-page arrest affidavit, we were surprised by how a young girl was able to communicate to her mother conversations she said she had with her school counselor and tape a conversation she had with him. It got us to thinking about how a parent can strengthen their communication with their children and educate them on issues such as these at such a young age. Leigha Hughes provides an expert opinion at 6.

Following Black Friday shopping specials, comes Small Business Saturday. It's to get shoppers to spend dollars locally. At 6, Donna McCollum tells us now why merchants are more eager than ever to support the cause.

And at 10, Maegan Prejean tells you about a mother who has lived through one baby dying at seven months old and who has watched another go through several surgeries. It's tonight's installment of "Survivors."

It's not quite yet Thanksgiving, but already East Texans are getting pretty excited about Christmas. And while we haven't even begun to start carving into our turkey, homes all over are wearing a little extra twinkling Christmas lights. But this year, the competition is fierce. And at 5, Michelle Reed sets out to find the story behind one of the homes with the best lights in Lufkin. When she found the house, she got a little surprise from the owner.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jeff Awtrey
Assignments editor