CPS delivers Thanksgiving food to Lufkin families

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A Lufkin mother said she was unsure how she would provide a full meal for her family this Thanksgiving. Her husband has been without a job most of the year and they have been raising their grandchildren and great-grandchild with no assistance. A group of East Texans donated food to feed many other families in need this week.

Delivering a free Thanksgiving meal to families in need has become a routine for CPS investigator Will Windham this week.

"I think the greatest thing is just the looks on their faces of gratefulness and them being thankful for us helping them," Windham said.

With each delivery Windham is hoping to make the holidays more enjoyable especially for Lisa James' family.

"It's been a tough year with the economy," Lisa James said. "I'm employed but my husband is not. We have three children."

Over the past few years, food has been donated to the Lufkin Community Partners to give to families who have custody of children who are somehow involved with child protective services. This year, other groups like Lufkin's Junior League and the Campbell Group have donated food for these families that don't receive any state funding for having full custody of these children.

"Things always work out and we have plenty more now," James said. "We are very grateful that there are people that are around that are available to try and help people in their time of need. I think we all have times in need and sometimes more than others."

Lisa James and her husband have custody of their two grandsons and their seven-year-old great-grandchild.

James said she's been fortunate enough to help others each year during their setbacks but this year she was on the receiving end.

"I have not been on this end of it. This is my first time and I have to say that is definitely blessing," James said. "I'm very grateful that there are people who are willing to help people. This is still a wonderful country; this is still a country that where people look out for people."

A couple weeks ago, James said her seven-year-old asked for some canned goods to bring to local families in need.

"In my mind I was thinking I'm going to do this for him because I want him to learn to give, and God will provide for us. That's exactly what happened," James said.

Though James wasn't sure how she would provide a full meal for her family this Thanksgiving she's hoping this experience will encourage others in need.

"If people are short of cash these holidays, it can look pretty dreary but remember it always gets better," James said.

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