Model train display opens at Nacogdoches Railroad Depot

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Crowds watched in awe assteam engines and freights cars traveled around the Nacogdoches Railroad Depot.

"I thought the trains were really cool,"said Logan Russell, Deport Visitor.

It was opening day, theLoblolly Railroad Model Train Display made its return to the historic depot fora third year.

The three rail trainlayout is 12 feet by six feet and features two loops of track.

"There really is no setplan, everybody brings a building or a train or some accessory, we put it alltogether and that's the final product," said George Ellis, LoblollyRailroad Crew.

Patricia Downing isvisiting from Arizona and she says model trains are a timeless classic that canbe enjoyed at any age.

"They have anAmerican charm and I think we're all intrigued about how we moved things acrossthis country and I don't care how technical we get," said Downing.

Crew member George Ellissays some of these trains are from the 1950's and seeing the model displaymakes many visitors nostalgic.

"Brings the boys back fromthe men and we all talk about the past and talk about railroads," saidEllis.

But the model traindisplay has also sparked the interest of a younger audience.

"The trains in there,which I did take a couple of videos of were really cool and I like how all ofthe stuff was formed," said Christopher Nieberding, Depot Visitor.

"My favorite partabout the trains was the little kids swinging and that one of the trains hadpresents in it little bitty presents," said Vivyan Nieberding, DepotVisitor.

Spectators say the displayis not only good entertainment, but a glimpse into the past for a younggeneration.

"In the old daystrains were mostly a big party of the city and it looks like they weredelivering a lot of stuff," said Nieberding.

The model trains will be on display atthe Nacogdoches Railroad Depot every Friday, Saturday and Sunday until December15th.

There is noadmission to see model trains.

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