Railroad safety a priority at model train display

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - During the Loblolly Railroad Model Train Display, spectatorsenjoyed the sights and sounds of model trains.

"Around the holidaywe all go back to the train under the tree," said Patricia Downing, DepotVisitor.

But during the holiday tradition, volunteers from TexasOperation Lifesaver worked to educate spectators on railroad safety.

For drivers and pedestrians alike that means focusing onyour surroundings.

"Look, listen, andlive. We need to put away the distractions, the cell phone, the GPS," said MarkCarnes, Volunteer, Operation Lifesaver.

Volunteer Mark Carnes says drivers should remember to waitat a train crossing and never try to beat an approaching train.

As for pedestrians, walking on the railroad tracks is notonly dangerous but illegal.

Carnes says trains cannot stop quickly, so those warningsigns surrounding the railroad track are there for the public's protection.

"Focus on the warningsigns, the flash signs they're a warning device to warn the public of trains,"said Carnes.

At the end of 2012 the Associated Press reported that 32people died at railroad crossings in Texas.

And volunteers believe that removing everyday distractionscan make a difference in keeping people safe.

"They are distractedby text messages, possibly the children in the back seat. They need to focuswhen approaching the railroad crossing, where they are and what they are doingto remain safe," said Carnes.

The Texas Operation Lifesaver Volunteers will be at NacogdochesRailroad Depot again Sunday for their final day of safety training.

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