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East Texans hold candlelight vigil for World Aids Day


East Texans gathered in Tyler Sunday night, as part of the annual World Aids Day.

Approximately two dozen people held a candlelight vigil and walk, remembering and supporting those in the East Texas community who have been impacted by HIV and AIDS.

Each year on December 1, communities across the globe gather for the day, promoting education about the virus in order to prevent its further spread.

“It has taken lives of many people in this community and it's something that we need to bring an end to,” said Executive Director of East Texas CARES Jeanette Deas-Calhoun. “The only way we can do that is to make people aware of how the infection is transmitted and to ensure they know and understand.”

“A lot of people think of AIDS as a gay disease,” said First Presbyterian Church of Tyler Pastor Stuart Baskin. “It is that, but it’s not that. It's much more than that. It's a human disease. We're not interested in pointing fingers. We're interested in helping people where they are.”

The World Health Organization is specifically reaching out to three groups this year that they have determined to be most impacted by the virus’ spread: young people, African American and Latino women.

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