Burke Center breaks ground on new facility

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - After serving East Texas for nearly 40 years, Tuesdaythe Burke Center broke ground on their new facility.

"New facilitiesshould mean better service for the customers we serve that is our intent,"said Howard Daniel Jr., Chairmen, Burke Center Board.

Burke Center CEO Susan Rushingsays currently the burke center has two buildings off the loop in Lufkin butsays their new Frank Street location puts them in the center of the medicalcommunity.

"As opposed to ourcurrent location which is becoming a retail, restaurant destination," saidRushing.

The new facility willinclude psychiatric care, counseling and a primary care clinic.

Yearly rushing says thecenter sees about 8,000 patients and with 400 people currently waitlisted theexpansion will help them reach more people in need.

"We're going to beable to serve more people and adding staff and when you add staff you needspace and this new facility helps us complete that expansion," saidRushing.

The Burke Center hascollaborated with the Angelina County Health District and ADAC to provide notonly mental health services but substance abuse and medical services.

"A lot of time we'llhave patients that are experiencing a mental health crisis and treat andprovide services for people that are having all kinds of medical and mentalhealth issues," said Wes Suiter, Angelina County Judge

And once construction is complete, Burke Centerofficials will continue to provide quality care for the entire community withall their services in one brand new building.

Construction should take about a year and thefacility is expected to open at this time next year.

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