Lufkin Middle School students test drive Google Glass

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Glasses used to just be for helping people see clearly but now you can put on a pair and look straight at the future of technology

A group of Lufkin Middle School students got the chance to test drive Google Glass.

These aren't your typical glasses. They don't have any lenses and are equipped with the latest technology.

10 Lufkin ISD magnet students got the opportunity to try out Google Glass. They got to try them, touch them, feel them and see how they work and you can see it's really the wave of the future.

"This kind of technology is really going to change the way kids learn. I mean to be able to take a subject like the Alamo and to bring it up in a screen above them and look at the image of the Alamo and actually be able to see a map of the Alamo all in their own time without everybody focusing on the same thing," said Brad Stewart, LISD Director of Technology.

Lufkin ISD was randomly selected to be a part of the research and development of Google Glass. It's a type of eyewear that communicates with the internet, takes pictures, video and responds to voice commands.

"The kids are what we're all here for so why not put it in their hands first and let them experience it," said Stewart.

8th grader Aiden Willis says, "It's this kind of augmented reality think where the screen will appear over the corner of your eye and you speak to it and Google and research all of it hands free."

"They are glasses and it's almost like an iPad in the top right corner of your eye," said 8th grader, Emily Massingill.

And the students are already thinking about how they could use Google Glass in the classroom.

Alexandria Tatum said, "We recently did a project that had a lot of research and typing. We could have been researching and typing what we researched at the same time."

"Instead of taking notes you could use Google glass and record the video instead of taking notes," said Sebastian Castellanos.

"I think it would  be really helpful in science because we have to do a lot of projects and you can research, pull up a picture, you could be typing and writing without having to look back at the screen and keep working," said Willis.

LISD administrators say their students are some of the first in the state to try out the glasses.

LISD was selected through a lottery to be a part of the Glass Explorer Program which is designed to get people involved and help shape the future of Google Glass.

The glasses are not for sale to the general public yet.

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