Dying wish granted

A Lufkin teen suffering from terminal cancer has hoped to have a means of getting around the Joseph House property before she dies. Today, someone made that happen and our Michelle Reed was there to watch the surprise. She has that story at 10.

There's a slight chance of us getting some wintry weather overnight. And it could mean a soggy, cold weekend. The same weekend of the Nacogdoches Christmas Parade. So what's the plan in Nacogdoches? Donna McCollum finds out and tells you at 6.

If you were driving south into Lufkin on US 69 North, you might have seen a man on his bike with what he calls a message of hope. At 6, Caleb Beames caught up with the man that sold all of his possessions to travel across America.

Also at 6, you'll meet Oliver, the subject of this week's edition of Best Furry Friends.

Jeff Awtrey
Assignments editor