Donor grants wish for Lufkin teen dying of cancer

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Lizzie Wallace's story has been an inspiration for the Lufkin community for an entire year. Through her online blog, "The Life and Times of Grim Lizzie Papa," we got to take a glimpse into Wallace's life as she struggles with cancer.

Wallace's contagious smile was like a ray of light Thursday morning as she got to drive to the pond for the first time in her brand-new golf cart, thanks to an anonymous donor.

"This is so cool! I want to keep it in my room!" Wallace said.

For the past year, the 19-year-old Lufkin High School graduate has been struggling with fibrolamella helatocelluar carcinoma, a rare form of liver cancer. A cancer that keeps her from being able to walk for long periods of time.

Denise Bennefield, the director of Joseph's House, an end of life care center, says all it took was calling a couple of golfers.

"Saying I really could use a golf cart and this is why and it's here this morning," Bennefield said. "And it's from an anonymous donor."

"Ms. Denise had said something about getting a golf cart so people could go down to the pond more easily cause I tried one day in my wheelchair and it was hard," Wallace said.

In June, Wallace wrote on her blog "more than a month ago, I was in the hospital dying. My doctor had to pull my family aside and tell them I had began the process of dying--we all knew it was coming."

Wallace has since been blocked accidentally out of the site but says she wants to continue blogging. However, the golf cart is now a new way for the teen to find more inspiration down by the pond.

"I would like to fish. I'm very, very bad at it. I was in environmental science at Lufkin High School. Mr. Eubanks took us fishing and all I caught was moss," said Wallace.

But Bennefield says Wallace has incredible strength.

"I never see fear. I see strength in her. She goes in and talks to patients whether they can talk back or not. Then she comes back and says 'oh you know. They are so sweet.' She's just a very alive little girl..," Bennefield said.

Wallace says she loves the golf cart, and is so happy someone donated it to her. She also says her ultimate dream would be to meet Anderson Cooper.

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