Restaurant Report - Angelina County - 12/5/13

La Michoacana Deli, 416 Atkinson Drive: 33 demerits for do not cool food at room temperature, must hold above 135 degrees, all employees must have ACCHD FHC, do not store personal items with food or SSI, do not store food on floor of walk-in cooler, clean inside prep cooler, remove household equipment, towels needed at both hand sinks, proof of extermination needed, seal back door, repair leak at hand sink, thermometers needed in all coolers.

La Michoacana meat market, 416 Atkinson Drive: 26 demerits for food not allowed to be heated in hot holding unit storage water, clean meat slicer's, clan all scales, clean floor/walk-in freezer, clean under equipment, air curtains need replaced, missing floor tiles need replaced or removed, do not store food on cardboard boxes in walk-in cooler, hand wash facilities inadequate, back door must be tight-fitting and insect and rodent-proof, scoops with handles required, waste receptacle with lid needed in ladies restroom.

La Michoacana Bakery at 416 Atkinson Drive: 15 demerits for hot hold at wrong temperature, floor drains needed to be cleaned, areas under shelves needed to be cleaned, mixers needed to be cleaned, back door not closing tightly, inside of ice machine needed to be cleaned, and food handlers certification needed for all employees.

La Michoacana Grocery/ Produce at 416 Atkinson: 7 demerits for storing food on floor of walk in cooler, under the shelves in produce need to be cleaned, clan inside produce cooler and seal backdoor to be insect and rodent proof.

Jalisco Seafood, 308 N. Timberland Drive: 20 demerits for cold hold, use proper thawing methods, store personal items away from food and SSI, all drinks must have lids, repair/replace waitress table, must be smooth and easily cleanable, food must be covered/protected, labeled and dated, need light shields, clean vent hood filters, do not store shrimp on un-drained ice/stagnant water, hand sinks for hand washing only.

Cotton Patch, 3207 S. First St.: 19 demerits for cold hold, all employees must have ACCHD FHC within 30 days of hire, food managers needed, clean under front prep area, clean ceiling vents, clean under equipment, clean vent hood filters above grill, clean under ice machine, do not store SSI in restroom, repair walls in restroom, repair leak at dishwasher, repair leak at three-compartment sink, clean and sanitize inside ice machine, remove wooden rolling pin.

El Chico, 2104 S. First St.: 18 demerits for do not store personal items with food, clean shelves and floor in walk-in cooler, clean under equipment, repair ceilings above food prep areas, clean floor drains, clean ceiling vents in dining area, hot water needed in bar, need test strips, replace/repair leaks from prep line, unclog floor drain in back drink station.

China Garden, 701 S. Timberland Drive: 16 demerits for hot hold, food must be labeled and dated, do not store food in grocery sacks, and back door must be self-closing, tight-fitting.

Fiesta Mexicana at 206 S. Timberland: 16 demerits for all employees need food handlers certification, all food not labeled/dated/covered, bare wood needed to be painted, wall by Walk-in needed to be painted, end caps, needed on lights, baseboards needed for kitchen, back door not sealing tightly.

Lufkin BBQ at 203 S. Chestnut: 15 demerits for hot hold at wrong temperature, light shields and end caps needed,  machine needed to be repaired, proper ice scoops needed, ice scoops store improperly, and personal items stored with food and single-service items.

Taqueria Mi Tierra Mobile Unit, 500 N. Timberland: 15 Demerits for hold above or at 135 degrees Fahrenheit, underneath the equipment needed to be cleaned, need mesh screen on ceiling vent, need receipts and wastewater must be dumped daily.

Olive Garden, 3801 S. Medford: 13 Demerits for hold below 45 degrees Fahrenheit, all employees must have ACCHD FHC within 30 days of hire, employees can't wear jewelry, thaw food can't be on un-drained ice this is a repeat offense.

Posados, 3102 S John Redditt: 9 demerits for hold below 45 degrees Fahrenheit, vent hood filters need to be cleaned, clean ceiling vents, clean vent filters in tortilla area and attach pipe into drain at hand sink.

Subway in Pollok: 7 demerits for not having food manager on site at all times and having toxins stored with single service items.

Papa John's, 1205 S. First: 5 demerits for hold at 45 degrees Fahrenheit or below and new employees must have ACCHD FHC within 30 days of hire.

Chick-Fil-A, 4600 S. Medford (Mall): 4 demerits, clean floor and floor drains and food handlers cannot wear jewelry.

The following restaurants received 0 demerits this week:

I-Hop, 4400 S. Medford

Popeye's, 1106 S. Timberland

Sam's Baker, Grocery/ Produce, Meat Market, Club Cafe and Rotisserie, 407 N. Brentwood