Oklahoma man riding back through East Texas, on a mission from God

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - When Kevin Wooley wakes upevery morning, he does so with a mission.

"Some people think Iam homeless but really I am on a journey with god," Wooley said. "Jesussaid, 'I must be about my father's business,' and we must be about that in ourlives."

3 ½ years ago, Wooley quithis job after he said he was called by God to ride a bicycle. 49 states and23,000 miles later he is finally pedaling through East Texas with his 5-foottall cross.

"I really like the tressand how beautiful it is," Wooley said.

Wooley says he doesn'tlook for attention and that he has been blessed that he has always had a placeto stay.

"Sometimes I stay ina hotel if I have the money," Wooley said. "Other times I camp out or what iscalled stealth camping, and then sometimes I get invited into people'shomes."

As the temperatures drop, Wooleysays stops become harder but when the weather is good, he is always trying tospread god's message of love.

"I generally pray forabout 40 or 50 people on the street," Wooley said. "Whether their drug addictsor their regular people, pastors, Christians, non-Christians or atheist."

After an overnight stay inLufkin, Wooley will once again hit the road. His next destination is Beaumont.