East Texans participate in cold 5K

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - There's a saying here in Texas. It goes like this. If you don't like the weather, just wait five minutes. This week proves Texas winter weather is up and down the thermometer.

On Saturday the Pearl Harbor remembrance flags flew briskly in a chilling north wind. Just a few days earlier a warm breeze pushed the flag in the opposite direction. Street thermometers read 81 during the week, while this weekend much lower temperatures created a bundle up morning.

Participants in the Nine Flags Christmas Festival Jingle Bell 5k can attest to that.

"We don't put our winter clothes away or our summer clothes away. we keep them all in our closet," said Sharon Scifres of Nacogdoches. She chose a heavy winter parka to keep her warm in 31 degree weather.

Karen Swenson of Nacogdoches dressed a bit lighter, but said, "You keep warm boots and flip flops always handy because you never know what you're going to need."

Seasoned runner Jay Taylor takes the fluctuating temperatures in stride.

"Your body adjusts, so just as long as you're out here having fun, you're dressed appropriately it's all good."

Of course, some people are just tougher than others. Some runners were wearing shorts. Just remember, crazy weather patterns can lead to illnesses. Dr. Penny Jeffrey, the SFA Health Services Director said, "Business always picks up for us.

"Whether it has to do with drying out the sinuses or going in from heating to air conditioning to being out in the rain, we always tend to see more infections at that point."

Animals can get the same kind of sniffles when the weather keeps changing said  Jamie Sugg a county extension agent with Texas AgriLife.

"If their hair coat is wet, like here lately like we've gotten these rains and it's turned off cold that temperature only has to be about 60 degrees and they'll again start burning energy," said Sugg.

Of course, when it comes to cold it's all relative.

"I like the cold because you can make yourself warmer, but you can't make yourself cooler," said Reagan Gould, 10, of Nacogdoches. "I used to live in Wisconsin. I haven't gotten cold since I moved back to Texas," said Carolyn Mathews, in a matter of fact way.

Alyssa Reinen, 10, of Nacogdoches said, "I like the cold because the faster you run the warmer you get and then the warmer you get, the more happy you are."

A good mood to be in around Christmas time.

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