Diboll High School video tech students getting hands-on broadcasting experience with morning announcements

DIBOLL, TX (KTRE) - A Diboll High School media class is getting valuable hands-on experience in broadcasting.

The students work both in-front of and behind the camera to produce the schools new video morning announcements.

Diboll High School video tech students use their new tricaster and camera to produce, record and edit together the morning announcements.

Diboll High School junior Hannah Herring says, "We tell the news. We do all our little announcements, a sportscast, we play around."

Video announcements are new this school year and replace the old-fashioned intercom-style announcements.

"I think it's definitely better, people pay attention more and it brings some laughs because sometimes we mess up and it gets in the video anyway but it's definitely better," said senior Luke Lytle.

The students have their own green screen which allows them to transform their simple table and chair into a full digital news set.

Senior Hunter Mcleroy says, "I love how technology has advanced because we have the opportunity to use a full set with just a green screen and a table. It's a great thing."

"We look like we're sitting in this fancy set but we're sitting behind a little table in plastic chairs and I think the technology has brought us to do those things a lot better," said Lytle.

Everything done by the students for the students, all-the-while providing experience for students preparing for a career in broadcasting.

"This is actually going to be part of my career path. I'm planning on radio and tv broadcasting so I think for people that want to do this as a future career it's a great thing to be able to do it in high school," said Mcleroy.

And perhaps inspiring others in the process.

"Well at first it was just for video tech and it was something to do to not have to do the other assignment but I really like it and it made me think about possibly doing it," said Herring. "I never would have thought about this before ever."

"I like speaking in front of people and I like communicating with people so I figured I could try it," said Lytle.

The video tech students say much to their surprise their classmates have been receptive and pretty positive.

The announcements air once or twice a week and are posted on the Diboll High School YouTube page.

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