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AZ tourism group sponsoring Wi-Fi on NYC subways

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While we may be in for a deep freeze, we normally have it pretty good in the Valley. So the tourism industry is hoping to cash in on that in a new and unique way. 

Marketing organization Visit Phoenix is hoping more people on the East Coast call it their next vacation destination. Their selling point?

"Sunny, outdoor lifestyle," said the vice president of marketing at Visit Phoenix, Melissa Gogel.

While that's not new,  the way they're advertising is - on the New York City subway. 

"Who doesn't want to access free Wi-Fi when they have some time on the subway?" Gogel asked.

In December, Visit Phoenix is sponsoring Wi-Fi on the metro. So whenever one of the 137 million passengers takes out their tablet or smart phone to connect, they'll watch a 15-second advertisement first.

"There's a large population to draw from and we know that during the winter time they're looking to come to a warmer destination and we've got some competition there," Gogel said. 

We asked how much this costs since all of the money going toward marketing comes from a taxpayer fund. They said they don't want to disclose that because of competition but that it's the same cost as buying advertising in a magazine.

"If I'm on a subway crowded in New York in the middle of winter and I've got my heavy coat on and I can see a picture of sunny Phoenix, that might spur me to call my travel agent when I get into the office," said ASU marketing professor Michael Denning. He said this type of advertising can be very powerful. 

"It's out of the box but, let's face it, in today's day and age, you have to catch people's attention," Denning said.

Visit Phoenix said at the end of the month they'll measure how many visitors came as a result of this campaign.

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