Lufkin students get recognition in statewide magazine

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A Lufkin elementary school principal and his students have a lot to brag about.

A program started by Brookhollow principal Don Jackson in 2009 is now getting statewide recognition in this month's 7th annual bragging rights edition of the Texas School Business magazine.

"I was happy for the kids," Jackson said. "I was happy they we're getting attention; positive attention."

The magazine features 12 articles from schools across the state with programs looking to improve the lives of the students.

"We do a whole lot of life lessons," Jackson said.

"He puts us to challenges and everything," student Razzmon Williams said. "We do our best."

Every Wednesday, the 48 boys in the program get dressed for success, but getting them to this point wasn't easy.

"It was a little extreme with the ties," student Brandon Epton said.

The young businessmen of brook hollow look at it as a matter of pride.

The students in the program are considered high risk students. Jackson requires the boys to come to him and ask to join. He wants them to want the help from the program. Jackson says he has two rules; look right and act right.

"I want them to one day when they walk into a business to get a job, know how to dress. I never want their behavior to hold them back," Jackson said.

The students have come a long way in improving their behavior and work ethics at both home and school.

"I haven't been getting in trouble a lot lately," student Taylin Boykins said.

"I haven't been going quick," student Daniel Pina said. "I have been reading all the way through and I got to a higher level in math and reading."

"Before the program I just knew my few friends," student Landon Jackson said. "I didn't get to know these guys until the program."

Even skeptical moms are now on board with the program.

"She thought it was crazy at first with all these ties and stuff, but know she feels kind of good about it," Epton said.

Jackson doesn't want to take credit, saying he does it for one reason and one reason only.

"I just want to help them, that's all; I just want to help them to be better in the future."

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