Nacogdoches bingo callers take pies to the face to benefit Toys for Tots

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - So bingo caller Richard Lyles couldn't understand why the Toys for Tots collection box was always near empty.

"I was up on stage calling one night. The last two years we've had maybe one or two toys in the box total. And this year I just wanted to do so better so I proposed to everybody that I would take a pie in the face if we could fill up a box," said Richard Lyles, Flamingo Bingo Caller.

That one small incentive led to a filled box, soon, Richard's co-workers wanted to get in on the proposal. Each Sunday for the last few weeks someone has been creamed by a pie.

"We have four boxes full. We are working on our fifth one. If we get the sixth one filled the district manager over Toys for Tots said he would come down and take a pie in the face," said Maegan Drewery, Assistant Manager.

The willingness adds up to about 400 gifts for Toys for Tots, plus it's fun for the regular bingo players.

"Because you get mad at the callers because they don't call your number, so you want a pie in their face just to do something to them. But it's a good thing to bring toys to kids who don't have them, said Gail Scroggins, bingo player."

Flamingo bingo donates to other charities throughout the year.

"Our sponsors are D.O.K.K., Pythian Sisters, Kingtown Volunteer Fire Department and D.O.K.K. Pythian Sisters also support Lanana Creek Hall, said Drewery

But right now Toys for Tots drive is in the limelight. A simple game and a sweet incentive turned out to be the winning Christmas combination.

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