Houston Co. fire departments will benefit from new mobile response trailer

CROCKETT, TX (KTRE) - A 20-foot-long trailer is the newestdefense against fires in Houston County.

Two emergency response districts paidfor the mobile response trailer.

When battling fires like the one HoustonCounty crews fought in Kennard recently, response time is always critical.

"We ran into instances where we ran outof air in our bottles and needed more air but didn't have that ability," saidJohn Angerstein, the Crockett fire chief. "It raised our awareness to what weneeded to do."

Their answer to the problem was themobile response trailer, which will help with the issue of breathable air onscene.

"They are only equipped with one bottleon their back and one reserve tank," Angerstein said. "In a real-worldexperience you run out of air pretty quick. Within the initial 30 minutes, youare without air."

These tanks have the ability to refillup to 100 small tanks. It will also house hazmat and medical supplies.

It's the brainchild of the Crockett FireDepartment, but the purchase of the equipment has been split so that all 12departments in the county can use it at a moment's notice.

"If we combine forces together andspread the wealth so to speak, we can get more accomplished," Angerstein said.

The total cost of this project could endup being around $70,000, but Angerstein said that is a price he is willing topay when it comes to safety.

"That's our number one concern is how tokeep our guys safe," Angerstein said. "Keep the people we are responding tohelp; keep them safe. This right here is a huge step in doing that."

It's a step that could be the differencebetween life and death.

The trailer will be undergoing a fewcosmetic changes and will have more equipment installed.

However, it is fully operational as isand ready to go out if needed.

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