Sara was found dodging traffic and now she's staying put for a home

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - She's a sweet puppy who narrowly avoided an accident with moving cars in Nacogdoches.

Animal control officer Steven Bryant picked up the stray Sara a couple months ago.

"We found her one night in traffic so we avoided any kind of collision with anything," said Bryant.

Sara is only about 7 months old. She's still a puppy. She hasn't been spayed yet so she will need to get that done before she can be adopted but she can go home and be a part of you family this Christmas

Staff at the shelter believes she's an Anatolian Shepherd mix. She's a little skinny and needs to put on some weight but Sara has a lot of energy, loves being outside and playing ball.

"She'd be a good dog for a young family. Not certain how she is with other dogs or cats but she's a real sweet pretty girl," said Bryant. "Since she is a Best Furry Friend there's not adoption fee but they would still have to pay for her spay and rabies but we'd love to find her a home."

For more information about how to adopt our furry friend Sara, call the Nacogdoches Animal Shelter at 936-560-5011.

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