Center child donating Christmas gifts to LSU's Children's Hospital

CENTER, TX (KTRE) - For weeks, Gracie Boyd watched her best friend Brooklyn suffer from inside the ICU at LSU's Children's Hospital in Shreveport after she suffered from aspiration, which left her in a coma. It was in that moment that the 7-year-old Center girl decided to sacrifice her Christmas gifts this year in order to give those less fortunate the Christmas they always dreamed of.

"I know that other people around the World are sick in the hospital and I want them to have a Merry Christmas," Gracie Boyd said.

The cute as a button little girl said she is so excited to visit the hospital on December 23 to deliver the toys, and seeing how much the kids love her gifts.

Gracie's mom, Jayme, says her daughter came up with the idea after she discovered that some kids her age were suffering.

"She came to me out of the blue and she didn't want to have any Christmas presents this year…she wanted to give them to the sick children in the hospital," Jayme Boyd said.

Two weeks ago, the family started asking the community for help and were surprised by the response.

"So far, I have received four large garbage bags full of gifts and about five smaller sacks and we've received over 500 [dollars] in donations so far," Jayme Boyd said.

It's a big gift and Gracie says she can't wait.

"I want to them to have fun with my toys and I want to give them away for the kids because they can have a merry Christmas," Gracie Boyd said.

The family is asking for specific items for each age group. For newborns to one-year-old they are asking for rattles, baby music, mobiles, music box, hats, clothes, mittens, lotion, bottles, pacifiers, sippy cups, spoons, blankets, bibs, and teething rings.

Secondly, kids age two-to-four years old are looking for plastic dolls, plastic cars/trucks, plastic blocks, books, stuff animals, balls, play telephones, pop-up toys, play dough, bubbles, jumbo crayons, and coloring books.

The list for kids age five-to-ten requires jump ropes, balls, art supplies, matchbox cars, Barbie dolls, action figures, baby dolls, card games, Lego's, coloring books, crayons, color pencils, and washable markers.

Lastly, for kids age 11-to-19 year's old, portable CD players, MP3 players, card games, journals/diaries, cool writing pens, scrap booking supplies, books, cross word puzzles, word finds, model cars/airplanes, pillows/blankets, slippers, jewelry making kit, picture frames, disposable cameras, drawing supplies, handheld games, magazines, make up, football and basketballs, back packs and bath products are listed.

They are also asking for monetary donations made out to the Boyd family. Jayme Boyd says she and Gracie will take the monetary donations to buy the gifts they did not receive before they visit the hospital.

"It is the most amazing thing ever. It is the best Christmas I've ever had, I mean, I couldn't ask for anything better," Jayme Boyd said.

Brooklyn has since recovered and is doing better each day, and Gracie says she is so excited to give kids like Brooklyn a chance at their own merry Christmas.

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