Houston Co. man indicted for sexual assault of a 13-year-old

Julio Gonzalez (Source: Houston County Jail)
Julio Gonzalez (Source: Houston County Jail)
Jason Frizzell (Source: Houston County Jail)
Jason Frizzell (Source: Houston County Jail)

HOUSTON COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - According to an indictment list East Texas News obtained Friday, a Crockett man was indicted for the aggravated sexual assault of a child.

19-year-old Julio Gonzalez was arrested on Oct. 11. of this year for sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl and her residence.

According to the arrest affidavit, a Crockett Police Department investigator met with the 13-year-old victim and her parents on Oct. 11. The girl's parents told the investigator they had found bruises on the girl's neck earlier that day.

When the parents asked the girl where she got the marks, she told them a man named Julio had caused them while she had gone walking with another female. The affidavit said the investigator also noticed the bruising on the girl's neck. She told the CPD investigator the same story she had told her parents.

After the family described the suspect, his family, and the suspect's vehicle, the investigator identified the suspect as Gonzalez.

While the investigator was interviewing the victim and her family, another Crockett PD officer made a traffic stop on Gonzalez' vehicle. The man was asked to go to the Crockett Police Department to talk to the investigator.

During a "non-custodial" interview, the investigator asked Gonzalez what had happened on the evening of Oct. 10, the affidavit stated. Gonzalez allegedly admitted to going to the victim's Crockett residence and having sexual intercourse with the girl in her bedroom.

Gonzalez told the investigator that he did not know how old the girl was. However, he also said he was aware of the laws in regard to sexual intercourse and age.

When the investigator interviewed the 13-year-old girl again she said after Gonzalez contacted her on Oct. 10, she asked him to come to her home. After she let him in, they had what she described as "sex," according to the arrest affidavit.

The 13-year-old victim also told the investigator that while she and Gonzalez were communicating via text messages, he told her that he was aware that he could get in trouble for having sex with her because of her age.

According to Texas law, a child under the age of 17 cannot legally give consent to have sex.

In an unrelated case, another Crockett man was indicted for injury to a child.

Last September, 30-year-old Jason Wayne Frizzell was arrested after allegedly punching his 12-year-old nephew in the face and chest.

During the same physical altercation, Jason Wayne Frizzell also allegedly pushed the boy's mother to the ground, according to the arrest affidavit.

Jason Wayne Frizzell is still being held in the Houston County Jail on a felony injury to a child charge.

According to the arrest affidavit, Houston County Sheriff's deputies were dispatched out to a residence in the 700 block of State Highway 7 in reference to a domestic disturbance. The deputies learned that Frizzell lives at the same residence with his nephew and the boy's mother.

Further investigation revealed that Frizzell and the 12-year-old boy got into a physical altercation, and the man allegedly punched his nephew in the upper left side of his head, leaving superficial abrasions and bruising that was reddish in color.

Frizzell also punched the boy in the left side of the chest, knocking the breath from him and knocking him to the ground, the affidavit stated. The boy also had scrapes on his knees and bruising in two locations.

During the scuffle, Frizzell also allegedly pushed the boy's mother to the ground, causing redness and abrasion to her chest area.

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