Online fund created for elderly Nacogdoches woman who lost everything in check fraud scheme

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - The family of an 89-year old Nacogdoches woman, who fell victim to an elderly check fraud scheme, is still trying to pick up the pieces after Regions Bank denied their fraud claim.

Molly Hoya has started an online fund for her struggling grandmother, Lois Molandes, called Love for Lois. The family is hoping to raise $4,000 to help pay for Molandes nursing home bills.

Molandes has since moved out of her Nacogdoches home and into a nursing home because nearly all of her life-savings were allegedly stolen from her housekeeper, Traci Konrad, over a two-month period. Unable to hear well, Molandes needs 24-hour care, and can no longer afford to hire a private caregiver. She also cannot walk and depends on a wheelchair.

Konrad was arrested by the Nacogdoches County Sheriff's Department on Nov. 5 on charges of Forgery from Elderly.

However, Molly Hoya, Molandes granddaughter, says the nursing home rent is very expensive, and her grandmother won't be able to afford the bills much longer.

"All she has now is what she draws each month of her social security and being in a nursing home. Medicare will pay for it for the first 20 days, but after that then we are left to figure out how it is that we are going to continue to take care of her," Hoya said.

In November, Lois Molandes filed a fraud claim with the Houston branch of the bank for nearly $12,000 to $14,000 worth of her life savings that her housekeeper allegedly used to write 32 fraudulent checks.

Since then, the bank has denied her claim writing in a letter to Molandes, "Reimbursement is denied based on the claim being reported untimely. The Deposit Agreement states, unauthorized, or fraudulent items must be reported to the Bank in writing within a reasonable amount of time, which is defined as 30 days after your statement is mailed."

Hoya says the family filed the claim on November 6, 2013 for the fraudulent checks discovered in October, but the bank discovered the fraud began in August. In the letter, the Bank writes "the first reported item posted in your August 21, 2013 statement; the affidavit was signed November 12, 2013, which is beyond the 30-day reporting guidelines."

The money that was allegedly stolen from Molandes was everything her husband left her when he died, Hoya said.

Regions Bank spokeswoman, Evelyn Mitchell, said in an email that she cannot comment on specific customer relationships.

Anyone interested in donating to Molandes fund can visit this website:

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