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Boy fighting leukemia surprised by real-life MMA fighter


Sometimes good Samaritans come literally out of nowhere.

"By chance, I was driving by the house one day," Mark Watson said.

Similar to the Christmas wonderland taking up the front yard now, it was Lara Care's elaborate Halloween display that first caught Watson's eye.

"We were cleaning up to get the Christmas decorations out," Care said.

Watson decided to stop at the Care home and it was during a happenstance conversation he discovered he needed to pay it forward.

"What a great little boy and how strong he is," Watson said about Care's 10-year-old son, Matthew. He's on his second bout with leukemia and it's more aggressive this time.

"The prognosis: I don't talk about it cause it's not a very good prognosis, but I stay positive everyday," Care said.

Matthew can't go to school or even play outside. His immune system is just too susceptible to the environment.

"The whole house is sterile. We have a note on the front door saying if you're ill, sick, not feeling well or even if it's allergies, don't come in," Care explained.

Enter Watson's growing fondness for the family, especially young Matthew. Watson came up with two surprises. Matthew loves video games and, Sunday, it was an MMA or Mixed Martial Arts game with Matthew playing as Joe "Diesel" Riggs, a real-life MMA fighter. Then, there was a knock at the door.

Through connections, Watson was able to land Riggs for a home delivery.

"It's a good thing that I can come out here and meet ya, and you can give me inspiration for my fights, you know, you're a tough kid," Riggs told Matthew.

Riggs' visit was about more than just being a celebrity.

"I lost my first child," Riggs said. "It's made me very compassionate towards other people who are going through the same things, and anything I can do to help people like that, I'll be there at the drop of a hat," he said.

But Watson had a second surprise up his sleeve designed to make life a little easier for Matthew and his family.

"It's gonna take out the allergens and the molds, and all the things that are not good for him," Matthew's mother said.

"All of your friends at Arizona Environmental made this possible for you," Watson said.

Riggs' management company, Knockout Energy has established a fund to help with the Care family's needs. If you would like to help visit

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