New directional signs showing shoppers the way around Downtown Lufkin

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A Christmas cartoon is the inspiration behind the red and green signs now adored to light pole's on every corner in Downtown Lufkin.

Business owners say the directional signs were originally for a special event but are soon to have a permanent place in downtown.

You may have noticed some new green and red signs as you drive through Downtown Lufkin.

A cartoon got Haute Hardware owner, Tracy McClesky's wheels turning.

"We need people to know which way to go to find all these things and I remembered seeing in cartoons that I watched as a kid, you know Christmas cartoons always had a sign that pointed to Santa's Workshop or North Pole," said McClesky.

Business owners came up with a plan of installing directional signs as a way to help people find their way for a special event but decided not to take them down.

"Instead of picking them up and taking them down, we're going to keep them up all year round," said McClesky.

The idea of directional signs went over so well with business owners they're going to become a permanent fixture in Downtown Lufkin with every business soon having their own special sign.

"It kind of took on a life of its own when everybody saw them and was like oh my gosh why didn't we do this sooner," said McClesky.

And downtown business owners are enjoying them...

"I go by and kiss my sign every once in a while," said owner of Mama Tried, Wanda Wesch. "I even had a chance to walk somebody out and point to the signs because they were looking for somebody and instead of just saying down the street and take a left or whatever I was able to say now see the signs and you can follow that to where you need to go."

Merchants say they're excited to see people excited about Downtown Lufkin and welcome the additional exposure

"It helps promote each shop you know and it's promoting everybody downtown so they can go from shop to shop not just one shop that they're looking for," said co-owner of the Pink Leopard Boutique, Kaylee Sullivan.

You'll find the signs on almost every corner on 1st and 2nd street pointing shoppers to new, old and recently moved businesses.

The signs are red and green right now for Christmas but they'll all eventually be re-painted and re-installed on a more permanent basis.

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