Naranjo Museum gearing up for Light Up Lufkin competition

The last day to sign up for the Light Up Lufkin competition is Tuesday, December 17 and the Naranjo Museum of Natural History is planning nothing better than to win.

Decked out in Christmas lights and some robotic green dinosaurs, the museum is ready to light up the town. Dr. Neal Naranjo, the owner of the museum, says the big draw has actually been "Bubba Rex," his famous T-Rex dressed up in a Santa hat.

"I remember when one of the presents had everyone not do Christmas lights because of the energy crisis and stuff and it's taken a long time for the cities to really start lighting up and the neighborhoods to start lighting up again, so I think anything that encourages the Christmas spirit and Christmas lights is fantastic," Naranjo said.

Judging will begin on Thursday and everyone participating is encouraged to have their lights on by 6:30 p.m. For more information visit

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