SFA student making waves on East Texas Music Circuit

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - He's got nearly 30,000 views on his YouTube page, an EP out on iTunes and two East Texas Music Awards under his belt and he's only 22 years old.

It seems nothing is stopping Jedidiah Crisp, an Elysian Fields native and Stephen F. Austin University student, from living out his dream, but Crisp says music is just a hobby.

Back in September, Crisp won the award for Best Singer/Songwriter of the year and Single of the Year for his original song "See You Soon," at the East Texas Music Awards.

"Being nominated for Singer/Songwriter was kind of crazy because I've only been seriously writing since January," Crisp said.

That's when Crisp got the news that one of his childhood friends had tragically died.

"He lived up the road from me my whole life. He was playing baseball and the coach said he was running and he died before he hit the ground," Crisp said. "I found out walking back from the post office and was like tore up for a week about it and just wrote a song. Like I didn't think anything about it and didn't think anybody would really listen to it."

Crisp then posted a video on his YouTube page for "See You Soon," and says he was surprised when it exploded.

"It ended up getting 2,000 or 3,000 views in a couple of days and that's how people now know I guess. They knew I was doing stuff. I do covers on YouTube, but I don't think anybody was watching until that song because it reached people in Shreveport, New Orleans and all over the place," Crisp said.

Crisp says his music generally gravitates more towards country music, but it wasn't always his favorite.

"Growing up I hated it because that's all we listened to. I know I had always seemed interested in it but I never figured it out. It didn't make any sense to me for some reason and one night I had a dream and I was like oh…and I woke up and just started doing it one day," Crisp said.

The SFA Kinesiology senior says he originally had more of an interest in football, but after an injury—he decided to try something a little different.

"I [went] for a 40-yard run…and somebody comes up and hits me and when I jumped back up I hit my right leg into my left leg and go down. I collapsed and tore something real bad in my knee and the season was over in two and a half quarters," Crisp said. "I was bed ridden for about a week or two and so I picked up the guitar and that's kind of where it started."

Crisp says he's written about 60 original songs and isn't sure where his music is going to go after he graduates but he hopes to have a career in music.

"I enjoy sitting here. I can sit here while other people are out there partying and doing stuff and I can sit here and pick on this thing for hours at a time…it's more or less just really fun," Crisp said.

Crisp has also joined a band called the Troubadour Bandits made up of members from the Nacogdoches area. He says they are hoping to release a 13-song album by next spring.

For more information on Crisp, visit youtube.com/jedcrisp or reverbnation.com/jedidiahcrisp. You can also follow him on twitter @jedcrispmusic.

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