Angelina County Sheriff Office detective says illegal dumping won't be tolerated

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Angelina County authorities are trying to clean up the streets one piece of litter at a time by tracking down people illegally dumping their trash on the side of the road.

Just yesterday, Christopher Michael Luckey, 22, was arrested and charged with class B misdemeanor illegal dumping.

They say you can learn a lot about a person by looking through their trash and that's exactly what environmental control detective Donald Carroll is hoping for.

"I find who did it most of the time," said Carroll.

Carroll investigated more than 16 cases of illegal dumping in October and November alone and says it's a growing problem.

"It could be rubbish from your household, trash that's just thrown out in any location other than a designated location or carcasses of animals. A lot of people this time of year are doing that. They're throwing their carcasses out which is going to be illegal," said Carroll.

Illegally dumping your trash on the side of the road could earn you a steep fine and if your waste weighs more than 10 pounds it could even land you in jail.

"If you threw out a bag of trash and let's say it weighed 10 lbs that would be over the 6 pounds which now becomes an arrestable offense, a class B misdemeanor, which  means a $2,000 fine and up to 6 months in jail," said Carroll.

Just 2 weeks ago 168 bags of trash were picked up off Twin Oaks road in Angelina County and as you can see more trash has already been dumped out.

Carroll says dumping makes county roads look bad, brings down the value of properties and will not be tolerated especially when there is a landfill for the sole purpose of collecting trash.

"We have a nice landfill and they have a reasonable price to haul that trash out," said Carroll.

The Angelina County Waste Management center charges $5.25 per cubic yard. They do not accept tvs, computers, hazardous materials, liquid, paint, batteries or tires but Angelina Beautiful Clean does have special disposal days for those items throughout the year.

Carroll has posted no dumping or littering signs all over the county especially in problem areas and says there are a lot of people that are watching and reporting any illegal dumping they see.

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